Card Sorting

Card Sorting is a user experience experiment that I feel is especially useful for UX designers working in video games.

What is the Card Sorting experiment

The aim is to find out commonalities in the way a large number of users categorise information. For example in an RPG with 26 special abilites, how do players categorise them in a way that makes sense?

The aim is to find out groupings that are most logical to the largest number of users.

How to do Card Sorting

  1. Create cards for each of the things you are trying to categorise. Print on them the name of the skill, item etc., and a short description if necessary.
  2. Find some participants. Bribe them with the promise of snacks.
  3. Ask them to categorise the cards into however many categories they feel is appropriate. Alternatively you could give them a guideline, say between 3 to 6 categories.
  4. Write down how they categorised the cards. Ask the participant what names they would give to each category and why they made the choices they did.
  5. Repeat for as many people as you can find or have time for. At least 10.

Try to find patterns in the results and make the categories in the game based on the results.