Unreal UIs & Animation

UMG offers support for crafting animations within the editor.

Animations are a relatively new addition to UMG, and are still being improved by Epic. That being said, it's still possible to make juicy animations in UMG, once you get used to a few of the quirks of the system.


  • Learn the interface
  • Learn materials
    • Control curves from UMG animation
    • Do something else
      • A third level of information
      • And another
  • Set up your widgets correctly
  • Something else

Controlling Materials in UMG Animations

The ability to control material properties from an animation is absolutely indespensible for anyone using UMG. The interface for it is a little hidden but with it, you can set keyframes to control scalar and vector parameters to materials.

Controlling Materials in UMG

Animation showing the 5-step process to create an animation that controls a material parameter.