Ben Humphreys

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Hello, I'm Ben, a UI programmer and designer.

I am a UI programming specialist with gameplay development experience, using C++ (Unreal 4 and custom engines), C# (Unity), materials/CG shaders, Ruby, Perl and Lua.

To support UI development I am proficient in Photoshop and Blender, and to support morale I can brew a good cup of tea.

I am a native speaker of English and can speak business Japanese, having lived and worked in Japan for 6 years.


Industries of Titan

UI Lead
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I am currently working at Brace Yourself Games on Industries of Titan as the UI programmer and designer.


UI Programmer
Vampyr small

I worked at Dontnod Entertainment on Vampyr as the primary UI programmer.

  • As the sole UI programmer for most of the project, I was tasked with working with artists and gameplay designers to create a large RPG menu and HUD system including: inventory management, character evolution, map, dialogue, and more.
  • Implemented a "Destiny-style" free-cursor navigation system with detailed, animated tooltips.
  • Worked with UMG for fast iterative design, followed by improving performance by moving intensive parts to C++.
  • Created custom materials to support artists' visions.
  • Worked with artists on initial concepts to ensure consistency, user-friendliness, internationalization of interfaces.

See more of my Unreal-related work and tutorials.

Monster Boy

Gameplay Programmer
Monster Boy small

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a HD side-scrolling action adventure game written in C++ that I worked on at Game Atelier.

In a small team, I worked alongside the lead programmer as the gameplay programmer to create a variety of systems:

  • I was responsible for implementing the player's special abilities, and most enemy behaviours, making them react to the player in challenging and interesting ways.
  • I also created the equipment and shop menus
  • I added Lua scripting to the existing engine to allow designers to create triggers and quests.


UI & Tool Programmer
IA/VT small shot

IA/VT is a rhythm game written in C# and Unity3D that I worked on at Opus Studio.

There were only three full-time programmers including myself, so I had some varied responsibilities:

  • I created the music video director system that showed the character, animations and special effects behind the rhythm game. I created a workflow that allowed artists to set up timelines of camera changes, full-screen effects, character animations and special effects.

  • As part of the music video system, I wrote CG shaders to implement the concepts created by artists.
  • The main character had a large number of outfits and animations, I created the system to split them up, load them quickly and asynchronously with the Vita's limited resources.
  • I also created the majority of the main menu system and skinnable in-game UI.



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Nova-111 is a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a twist of real-time action! Fighting aliens in space for Science!

I was contracted by Funktronic Labs to write the overall story and dialogue for the player's witty British companion and others. I played through each level and placed dialogue triggers for lines to edify and entertain the player.


I took part in NaNoWriMo 2015 and over the course of November I wrote a short story of around 5,000 words. Copy-pasted Across The Universe is a science fiction comedy in the same vein as The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It follows Steph, a programmer who is accidentally teleported to an alien space station.


Designer, Writer
Naovatar small icon

Naovatar is a robot-based interactive story game that I created with Angelica Lim, in a weekend for Global Game Jam '13.

Like a mix between a text-based adventure and an audio book, the robot NAO describes his surroundings in the imagined world using speech, sound and gestures, making players imagine the world.

Players interact with the game using speech and touch to direct NAO through the story and solve puzzles.